« What’s interesting me by working on the design field, is to imagine new ways of living, new ways of evolving in the spaces, keeping a diversity in the interactions possibilities between people by working on these articulations. »

Paul J.

By my desire to experiment and design new users scenarios, I am listening to your needs to answer the problematic with a creative process.

Designer in freelance, post graduated from L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique, I am evolving in the innovation fields and conception (space, services, products). Keen on finding the best definition of usages of tomorrow through projects, I design new user scenarios in closed link with health, new technologies, infrastructure and environment. After having worked among the sustainable laboratory Strategic Design Scenarios (SDS) in Brussels, I joined the collaborative innovation start-up The as a experience designer. In parallel with the projects I work on in collaboration, I supervise future designers in master at the Care Design Lab of the Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique (Nantes, France). 

Thanks to a deep analysis of needs, I investigate to find tools, services, products and spaces going to the users for them to function durably offering a particular experience to the user.

Turning from a micro to a macro scale of project (interactive design, space planning exhibition, spaces and products), my main objective is to work with a sensitive human-centered approach.